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18 RP tips and how to seduce an RPer;;


Alrighty, so I’m making this post for a few reasons, to give those new blogs on tumblr a little leg up if they feel like they’re lacking in that something. These are just my thoughts an opinions so don’t take them to heart, I could be right or wrong but here’s what usually makes me want to RP with someone;;

1. A decent looking theme;; Though it shouldn’t seem like much, people look at your theme and judge you, it’s human nature and if you’re using one of the basic ones people tend to cringe. Just simply take the time out to fiddle around with HTML coding and looking at tutorials, or, ask for help.judging a book by its cover does apply in some cases. 

2. About pages:: Having basic information on your muse/s ( be it canon or OC ) is critical, especially for an OC - it shows that you’ve brought this character to life from nothing and that they’re like a friend or family member. However, this being said don’t over flood the information so it’s a wall of text.

3. Headcanons and rules;; Another basic thing that 90% of people DO look for on a blog, as well as the main point of if you’re a single or multi-shipping blog, triggers that should be tagged. ECT.

4. CUT. YOUR. POSTS;; It’s said over and over again to cut your posts, because people don’t want a wall of text on their dash’s - ESPECIALLY mobile users because it slows the application down. There’s a post HERE on how to cut posts if you don’t know how.

5. Basic grammar;; This is a big issue. Quotation marks, capital letters to start off sentences and names, commas and so forth make it easier to read and understand what it is you’re trying to RP and get across to the other RPer ( with the exception of people that are non English speakers ) this is really a basic thing that needs to be known. 

6. Personal posts;; While it’s nice to see funny stuff on your dash to read if you follow personal blogs, on an RP blog is another story, if you go to a persons blog and that’s all you see instead of actual RP it’s hard to actually gain followers in most cases - however that being said, things like images of your FC, clothes, food and what is involved with your muse is the exception of this rule.

7. Reply lengths;; The one main source of things is if you reply to a - for example - a 7 paragraph open rp with less than even one paragraph. That will never be replied to on the sole basis that it shows lack in interest. It’s not called being a bitch or picky, but when you put the time and effort into something - making a scene and story line set up for someone to throw half of that out. It’s annoying simply put.  5-6 para’s of reply is fine, 4 is stretching it but anything less just makes an RPer sigh and not want to RP with you. Harsh but true. Effort is everything.

8. Tags;; Tag triggers like the plague. Spiders, blood, self harm, religion, everything that could be classed as a trigger .Tag it. Because it’s the right thing to do is all.

9. Icons / Face claims;; Though it shouldn’t be a big thing to some people, others like the use of icons / gifs. Depending if you use a Real life FC or Anime FC DOES put you in a certain ring of RPers and it’s hard to break out at times. Though 99% of the time people don’t care that much about FC’s - you really just need a description of your character to help things along.

10. Autoplay music;; Just autoplay music can be a pain if it’s loud, screamo and ear killing - things like softer and more melodic are fine but please, 99% of people don’t want to scream from being scared when hopping onto your page.

11. Critique vs backlash;; There is a huge difference, a huge one when giving a mun crituque and telling them straight out they have a shitty OC and should give up. Take in mind that people are very sensitive and words do hurt people. So, put things nicely when telling an Rper if they’ve made a mistake or something as such.

12. Using ‘* *’;; Simply put, it looks messy. In crack RP’s and what not it’s line - but in long RP’s it’s a little sore to the eye and not many people will like this style.

13. Bugging a mun for reply times;; It’s a no no. Don’t do it. A reminder once in a while is cool. Bugging and saying to do it is a no no and will make an RPer want to DROP the thread.

14. Don’t be intimidated;; No, seriously if you say you’re intimidated to RP it hurts us as an RPer as well and really most of us are just happy when someone comes into our ask box with something to say.

15. IC doesn’t mean OOC;; A big thing that people tend to forget, the mun and muse are different people, have different thoughts and opinions. Just because the muse hates your muse doesn’t mean the mun hates you as a person. Though if you’re worried simply ask.

16. Godmodding;; Never assume what your RP partner’s muse is going to do. It’s unfair and unjust in battle threads ( which need A LOT of communication to be done right ) never assume that the muse is weak, that they can’t handle themselves in a fight etc. Also, if your character has been injured and they don’t have these all mighty healing abilities - they will be screaming in pain and agony and not moving much.

17. Ask Memes;; Muns reblog it to write things and get new partners. They enjoy having their ask flooded with drabble requests, text message prompts and ‘I wanna RP with you’ symbols, however, this being said if you’ve never intereacted with their muse before don’t send in personalized / NSFW meme’s. It honestly makes things rather awkward and hard.

18. Favoring RP’s;; Mun’s WILL have and play favorites, this is a fact that they are human. Never, ever say that you hate a mun for such a thing, it will make them cringe away from you and not want to RP with you. Most of the time your reply will be done and in the drafts. Chances also are that you play favorites as well.